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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Coming soon... Halloween.

dark walk
along this knotted path


Ashi said...

nice ;) had to be a dark path I guess, but the pumpkins are so very bright in colour, it somehow does not fit to halloween :)

joo said...

pumpkins are so lovely and bright, and I like the sound of this word. Their English name is much nicer than Polish!
Have a great week ahead:)

Cindybrown said...

Very nice for this Halloween season :)

TALON said...

"knotted path" - I love that, Magyar! I am imagining the pumpkins with candles flickering lighting up that dark walk just a little, but making the space between even spookier.

Devika said...

more than poetry, this sounds more like a pumpkin-math-riddle for children -- with alphabets and numbers -- you know it, no? :)

Halloween as i know is the venting out of all animal instincts in man...a must do, atleast once in a year, when humans are becoming sophisticated...or is this world a daily halloween!?

whatever, now this haiku looks like poetry to me! :)


Magyar said...

__Is it possible that halloween is ALL 364 days of the year? __The masks, the costumes, the make-up, that acting and fase hair, the false image... and on that 365th day, we finally admit to the scam, and find fun in that admission? :-)
__Your words: "or is this world a daily halloween!?"
__ASHI, as always... Halloween a conrtary, both dark and light; JOO, what is -pumpkin-(?) in polish; CINDY, I do so enjoy watching the youngsters cavort; TALON... just as I had thought, a twisted path lined with candle-eyed, pumpkin-faces.
__I thank you all! _m

Devika said...

Magyar, that's exactly why i said "a must do, atleast once in a year, when humans are becoming sophisticated" -- sophistication to be in the veins will take some time, may be, or may not be at all!

Happy Halloween! whichever way you celebrate :)


Lorraine said...

a touch of whimsical and spooky, I love it!

Frank said...

Nice haiku, Magyar. "along this knotted path" is a great line...

Anonymous said...

I like the idea of the pumpkin knot path. So timely!