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Sunday, November 28, 2010

__Kelly M., I thank you for the 'woodsmoke' post; it brought me back to pond side, where the summer sunsets often introduce the moon.

sunset points to the moonrise
this spire


Judie said...

I can smell that in the chilly air. I am trasported to another time and place. Thank you for that.

TALON said...

I love the smell of woodsmoke on a cold night. Beautiful, Magyar.

joo said...

Smell of woodsmoke in cold winter air is what I love about spending winter weekend in the mountains!
Your haiku is lika a memory:)

John McDonald said...

another good one M

Lorraine said...

sometimes I have no words to express my feelings, this is one of these times, wow Doug

Frank said...

An excellent haiku, Magyar. Lovit...

Anonymous said...

You can't get much better than that! Just wonderful.

Dianne said...

oh this captures the most perfect evening this month,
that surprising moon!

BB said...

This woodsmoke spire
A bridge between two realms
In the middle a poet.

Gillena Cox said...

appealing to layers of senses

much love

Magyar said...

Szia, Judie... woodsmoke carried on the breeze... lovit!

Joo... so glad you relate to my scribblings!

Lorraine... Ahh, you always find the right words!

Sandy, I can only -hope- to get better.

John, old friend, I thank you!

Frank... I'm glad you like this 'smokey-ku!'

K... something so soothing and warming about a campfire !

Diane, thanks, 'tis always a good time, and I thank you for your comment!

BB, you always refer to me as a... poet, I never do. My view? "I've not reached that status."
-I'm sincerly thankful!-

Gillena... to someone that writes with -such- appeal to the senses, your comment is an honor!

Thank you all! _m

जितेन्द्र ‘जौहर’ Jitendra Jauhar said...

I am really very glad to go through this beautiful and highly picturesque haiku of yours.

It's not so easy (for every Jack & Peter) to express what he wishes to in the smallest literary genre like haiku...but you have done it easily. That shows your poetic talent.