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Monday, November 15, 2010

Lazy circles; yes, I know it's hunting, but I often envision the "Contrary."

this hawk
seeks a leafless homestead


Devika said...

a daily cross road...well caught, by the hawk :)


Devika said...

oh, i just noticed the change in the note, Magyar...and i must say, i've often seen your observation and seldom thought otherwise,

infact i came to say...that i read "seeks" as "sees" in the first instant...and hence the comment went so :)


Dianne said...

crossroads bring change, the view is clearer for hunting on the bare branches

TALON said...

It's the circles of life...literally. We had a hawk stop by the garden the other day. Three crows soon made his visit unbearable. I wished I'd had my camera, but it was wet and foggy. So instead I just got to enjoy the moment.

Anonymous said...

It is a time of crossing over, ypur poem acknowledges this.

Cindybrown said...

We had a hawk swoop down and snatch up a squirrel. Awful ending to that little guys life.

Kristin Riggs said...

The imagery you present is always so vivid. Another fine one, Doug! :) I hope you are doing well these days.


John McDonald said...

nice one M

Lorraine said...

intriguing and not just a little bit it!

Frank said...

Intriguing imagery, Magyar...

Jingle Poetry said...

love your Haiku,
they are cute.

BB said...

Very deep,it reminds me of a quote in "Hagakure",To quote_

According to what one of the elders said,
taking an enemy on the battlefield,
is like a hawk taking a bird...
even though it enters into the midst of a thousand of them,
it gives no attention to any bird other than the one it has first marked.

Magyar said...

__DEV... as always, you too -see- other things.
__DIANE, and of course, -our- crossroads demand -our- decisions.
__K, I love watching all wild things, their instincts... and intellects beyond any credit we've given them.
__SANDY, the round-abouts, "which way do I go?"
__CINDY, I understand; the kindness and cruelty... of a natural world.
__KRISTIN... so good to see you, and my echoed wishes to you!
__JOHN, old friend, thanks, and so too, to you FRANK!
__Yes LL, no shadows here!
__Welcome JINGLE!
__Ah yes BB! We must never loose the sight of our goals!
...I thank you all! _m

Janice Thomson said...

You always portray the essence of wildlife with unusual understanding - excellent M.

Judie said...

One day while I was playing golf, the strangest thing happened to me--a thing that I will remember forever. I was standing on a tee box, waiting to take my turn, when a large hawk flew over my head and out in front of me. For several seconds I became the hawk. I could feel feathers ruffling in the wind, and I could feel myself trying to keep balanced and aloft. It was the strangest sensation I have ever had. I have seen many hawks since that day, and have watched them closely, but I have never been able to replicate that feeling again.

Magyar said...

__Janice... always such a full complement when you comment! Thank you! _m

__Judie... I love that moment's discovey you had had. That magic of assumption that makes you what you see. Great !! _m