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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

__This... a scribbling from mid December, 2008; each story may simply melt away.

new snow
words in a drift
that form a fresh story
changing with every young eyed breeze


Devika said...

Oh God, what all stories they cook to melt in the mouth of the readers! :)

good one Magyar :)


TALON said...

I really liked this one, D. So very true, too.

joo said...

New story and new snow - I love it:)
We are still waiting for both!
Have a great day:)

Lorraine said...

ohhhh so me, I love it Doug

Nana Fredua-Agyeman said...

your tiny poems are interesting Magyar

Frank said...

Wonderful poem, Magyar - lovit...

Sam!! said...

Nice one!!

Hope you feeling well there..:)

Take care

Magyar said...

Stories that melt in the mouth of the reader... fine line Dev!

K... each snowflake adds to the drift?

great or small
every day
some snows fall

LL... I'm happy you identify!

And for you, Nana, I'm glad of your interest.

Frank... so glad you liked this!

Too all,
In this and every way...
I wish you all a happy
*Thanks(for)giving Day* ! _m

Devika said...

A Very Happy Thanksgiving to you and family and all here who celebrate, Magyar :)


Magyar said...

Oooo Sam... I didn't ignor you; Seems we may have been commenting at about the same time. I'm always happy to see your comments!

Thank you again Devika! This, a happy family day, Kathy and I are off to join the clan! _m

BB said...

My friend,one of the best so far !

The melted snow
Reveals hidden treasures.

Judie said...

This was an especially thought-provoking post. Did I tell you that my ancestry is Hungarian? My father and his family immigrated here when he was a toddler.

Magyar said...

Jo reggelt, Judie, hogy van?
__Wow! As did my Grandmother in 1898... she was 3 years old; the first -born here- citizen was her brother Joska, in 1900!
__Though my last name does not... I identify so much more closely with my Hungarian genes.
__I thank you Judie, for your visits, and fine comments.

Viszlat! _m

Judie said...

My father was born in Zagreb, when it was in Austria-Hungary. He came to this country in 1915. They only spoke German in their home for some reason, although his parents spoke several languages.

Wne they came through Ellis Island, my grandfather was given a new last name for some reason. I never learned why.