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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Each word, a snowflake; from last winter's scribble book.

within each drift
the poet


sandy said...

And, you would be the one to know about that.
I love wordfall.

Henrique Pimenta said...

O poeta não passa de uma palavra em silêncio.

TALON said...

D, this might be one of my most favorite of your beautiful writings. The eyes of a poet - seeing beauty in the ordinary...

Judie said...

I'm hating to go commercial on you, but this would make a beautiful Christmas card!

Devika said...

difting snowflake or snowfall could form the subject of a poem....

But it would be wise for the poet to understand the power of words; even when words just fall from his pen in whatever trance they write -- have seen their worlds splitting like hell for poets! myself included if i could be called a poet -- a 20 year old problem, thats well past me...but worth remembering, or shouldn't forget,

ofcourse the poet is not meant to stay at a place - in any sense
they are glorious stenos of nature, life and humanity,

even a family is a burden, sometimes -- a poet in my family has written; though not near any of the glorious poets i too have sometimes felt...if i were left free to read and write in a world of my own :)

oh well a long wordfall from me...that's the power of the six words here :)

Exemplary scribble, Magyar :)


Lorraine said...

This, this i love the most

Gillena Cox said...

wordfall; mmmmm nice; i'll tanka that

caught in a perambulate
my new Christmas poem
at poemhunter dot com



much love

joo said...

Beautifully said! As always I'm impressed:)

Kelly M. said...

wordfall -- oh, if only our words would flow like a waterfall . . . lovely, Magyar.

John McDonald said...

love it M

Sam!! said...


Take care

Magyar said...

My friends... I thank you all we share the drift! _m

susane said...

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