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Friday, January 28, 2011

The burrrr of yesterday morning.
__We've all leaned into the wind, those slanting steps toward that driven sleet and snow... discomforting, but we've overcome... as does this gull.

herring gulls
fly this snow filled wind
low tide


Devika said...

"Burrrr"...that can keep one warm by one's own breath,

Good haiku, Magyar...a mark of freedom,


Devika said...

oh, i was preoccupied...and my comment reflected that,

Keep warm, Magyar...tides keep changing :)


Devika said...

Oh again, jusr saw your note....To overcome is life...Have the wind on your back, one shouldn't be "leaning" on to it...well, just my gulls it comes naturally :)


Frank said...

Very nice haiku, Magyar.

Frieda said...

Beautiful (and chilly....)

joo said...

It's so good to be back and be able to read your haikus! Thank you my friend:)

sandy said...

Yes, this makes me feel very cold, probably because I usually am at the water in winter.

I wonder if it ever gets too windy for the gulls?

TALON said...

It's amazing that the birds even manage to fly in such strong winds! I can hear the gulls cries as I read this, D. And it makes me shiver...

Magyar said...

__I thank you my friends, for your visits, and your understanding comments.
__And then, of course, the tide must rise.
__Always! _m

Janice Thomson said...

This presents a chilly feeling indeed but then again as you mention the tide changes as do all things. Love this Doug.

John McDonald said...

another good one M

Lorraine said...

yes Nature is acceptance, beautiful Doug

Judie said...

I love the shore in the winter. The bleak beauty makes me very pensive. Best time for shells, too!

Gillena Cox said...

on vacation
a howling winter wind
leaning to

remembering my first winter vacation way back in 90's

much love...

Magyar said...

Janice, John, Judie... and Gillena leaning to the howling winter wind,
I thank you!