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Saturday, January 8, 2011

For tomorrow.
__To Nora, my understanding friend, I extend my Grand Wishes! Too, to Dianne I offer equally Great Wishes; a very Happy Birthday to you both!
__I raise my glass! _m

three buds
of these different forests
green leaves


Dianne said...

Wow, a surprise blog birthday card! That is a first, and you are the first, what a smile you bring.

When, kind sir, is your birthday, that we may express our gratitude for your presence on this earth?
OK, I'll say Im!

Your Haiku is potent and concise.
I see you in your words.

Devika said...

Happy Birthday to all three buddies :)

from a different forest,

best wishes

Lorraine said...

That's beautiful Doug

Magyar said...

__There are supposed to be no
-metaphor(s)- in haiku. You have cought the THREE of them here! Thanks!

three buds> three people
different forests> different lives
green leaves> similar thoughts

Thanks, Lorraine.

And Dianne? Many more B'days to you!

TALON said...

Beautifully expressed, Doug.

Happy Birthday to your friends!

Anonymous said...

Well, that was so nice of you, and pretty, too.

Janice Thomson said...

A wonderful toast in your words too Doug.

John McDonald said...

very good M

Magyar said...

__Friends, I thank you, your comments are always welcome!

__Each year, another log on the fire. _m

nora said...

Lovely! Thank you, my dear friend!

Judie said...

Please read my latest post. I live only 7 miles from Safeway where Gabby Giffords was shot on Saturday, and where 6 people died and 13 more were wounded. My son was in the store at the time. We are heartsick.

Magyar said...

Again, my friends!
__I fully appreciate your very kind comments!

__There is often more sadness within me than that, that I may say. Here, my sorrow is with the lost lives and their families, and to those so severly injured. More,
my thoughts... cannot leave the lost child, a life stolen.
__Now is not, at least for me, the time to offer any opinion... it is of this tragedy alone that tears, and tears away at humanity's heart. _m