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Friday, January 14, 2011

__In my scribble book, this was a companion to my post of 1-11-11, and it was posted here in early March of last Spring's-rise; I've logged it again... just to keep the pigeons in a flock.

Quincy Market's, sidewalk performers.

pigeons dance
a violin sings their waltz
smell of rain


Devika said...

I remember this one, Magyar :)


Karol Rosiak said...

Yes, Magyar, interesting picture :)


Magyar said...

Thanks Dev., and Karol!
__I just love watching the "wild things," so well trained by their enviornment that... in their small way they become a part of

Lorraine said...

nature dances in the rain always and I love this

Devika said...

so you mean to say pigeons are "wild" things -- interesting :)

Yeah Lorraine...when it rains, and wind blows its whistle....Nature will dance...hope we are here survive it :)


TALON said...

You always paint the most awesome pictures in my mind, Doug...

Rachel said...

Lieber Magyar,

ich wünsche dir ein feines Wochenende..

herzlichst, Rachel

Magyar said...

__Oh yes... we've watched the leaves dance, in the spring showers.

__There are 'kept' pigeons...
but most are wild in the 'freedom' sense, and not domestics. Well, in my line of reasoning anyway.

__You think I paint awesome pictures? That... thought from you, is an honor!

__I hope the translation was correct! _m

I'm happy to see you folks!
__As always, Doug

Janice Thomson said...

My apologies for not commenting Doug...the power and my computer mouse are causing much trouble this week - strange there is no storm yet the power keeps going off and on...

The last couple haiku bring back strong and wonderful memories of the waterfront at the inner harbour in Victoria BC....buskers, pigeons, carts and LOTS of rain...