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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Silently, 'moonface' moves to other limbs.

it chooses another tree
this voiceless owl


TALON said...

I was out trying to capture the beauty of the moon last night and it was just like that - hopping up the branches and taking a rest on various trees. This is lovely, D!

Magyar said...

I thank you, K.!
__I expect we were not the only two people gazing at the moon last night, yet among those watching eyes, each set had their own fantasy; my hyper-imagination (an affliction) saw that orb as an owl's face... sliding from tree to tree. Well, at least, I admit my disfunction.
__Smiles, K! _m

Devika said...

been witness to that universal scheme of things many times,

well said, Magyar :)


John McDonald said...

lovely M

Frank... said...

Nice one, Magyar...

Lorraine said...

ok again i lost my comment so here it is kinda, i'm never up for the moon so I look up, to you dear Doug

Magyar said...

__Eyes see... imaginations paint the scenes, that, I know you know;
I thank you!

__Your comments, always recieved thankfully.

__Too... glad you visit here, and to recieve your kind words.

__Even if we are not awake to see the moon... it 'sees' us all, and LL... please, look up to yourself!

__I thank you all. _m

Anonymous said...

Wasn't this just the best month for the moon? Lovely poem.

Janice Thomson said...

This was just downright beautiful M! And even more so because today for the first time in my life a Grey Great Horned and I inspected each other from a respectful distance. Gosh what a thrill that was...
The moon has been hauntingly glorious these past few weeks.

Crafty Green Poet said...

This is lovely, funny that the only owl I see regularly is always in the same hole in the same tree

Magyar said...

Sandy and Janice, I truely appreciate your comments of support, and Juliet... you are always welcome! _m