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Sunday, February 13, 2011

A 'Twofer': something about the -melt- of time, and the -unseen- speed with which it passes.

as it flys
counts spent snowflake years
a crow

weighs this added tempo
on the wing


Gillena Cox said...

two birds peculiar in their behaviours, nice juxtaposition of

much love...

Anonymous said...

Oh, hummingbirds! They seem so far away.
but crows will always be with us.

Two beauties.

Magyar said...

Gillena and Sandy!

Thanks to you TWO!
__The above 'TWOfer' is a -time- milestone to me, one that I would expect, no one to be aware of... but me.
__On Friday the 13th, a lucky day in 2009, this blog began and now that Hummingbird with all its
wing-speed... begins year three.
__Big smile! _m

TALON said...

I love these both. If time were a bird - I think it would be a hummingbird. Beautiful, D.

John McDonald said...

here's to many more years M

Janice Thomson said...

Congratulations Magyar!
Friday the 13th is a very fine day (it happens to be my birth day too though not in February :)
Both the crow and the hummingbird depict those passing years this one M

Lorraine said...

and does it sounds any different, love it

Frank said...

A nice set of haiku, Magyar...

Judie said...

We have so many hummingbirds in our yard, so your haiku has much meaning for me.

I rarely see crows out here--a lot of doves, though.

Sheez-Sam said...

Nicely said..

A very Happy Valentines Day:))

Take care

Magyar said...

I thank you all, my friends!

__Sheez-Sam... Welcome! Keying on your name took me nowhere. Are you, mayhaps, the Sam I know? Another blog?
__Wishes... _m

susane said...

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