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Thursday, May 19, 2011

__At our pond last night, one of the most dense rainfalls we've seen (heard?) in many years, remarkable!

water streams
off this tilted awning
a rope


Ashi said...

Nice picture although a moistreres one ;)

John McDonald said...

very evocative this thought M

Crafty Green Poet said...

that's a lot of rain!

Lorraine said...

ove the nautical theme ;)

Devika said...

every season we get a few rains like that...and good haiku, Magyar :)


TALON said...

Such an awesome image of the heavy rain, D. We've finally got semi-clear skies after five days of rain. It's supposed to rain again, but at least we can catch our breath before it starts again.

joo said...

As usually I love and admire your words!
Thanks for your nice and supportive comments:)
Have a lovely weekend:)

Anonymous said...

and maybe an ark

I can hear the rain hitting that awning!

Tikkis said...

.-) I remember last summer I was walking and a thundery squall hit me:

heavy rain -
on my tilted head
a stream

Gillena Cox said...

ropes of rain; love it :)

much love

Judie said...

I live in Tucson. What exactly is rain, anyway?

Timoteo said...

unrelenting rain
swollen pond--

Magyar said...

__I thank you all, friends, for your kind comments and too, for your welcomed and appreciated echoes!