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Sunday, May 22, 2011

During our nights at the pond, Kathy and I become rather primal, and enjoy the simple things of life.

this candle
hides the nights dark
an owl


Devika said...

happy owl watching to you and Kathy in the candle light..i am quite afraid of, Janice and a few others take the fear off -- but still,

back at my husband's place...we go picking shellfish in the swamps with the lanterns -- our simple joys of life :)


John McDonald said...

excellent M

Lorraine said...

I love light in the dark and the wise owl, beautiful :)

Anonymous said...

sounds wonderful!
the owl adds a perfect touch

Judie said...

The Hopi Indians, and many other tribes consider the owl to sacred. This was a beautiful and meaningful piece.

Sam!! said...



TALON said...

Candlelight and beautiful, D! Simple things are quite often the most beautiful.

Karol Rosiak said...

Very interesting haiku. Good one, Magyar.


Magyar said...
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Magyar said...

__Dev, isn't it grand to rediscover simplicity?
__LL, once-in-a-while... we turn on the TV... news. Mostly, we read and watch the "folks" of the night.
__Sandy, of the many we hear... we see few; I'm sure theu see us!
__Judie, I find the Native American's belief in nature's god, enticing.
__Sam, always... so happy you like my scribbles.
__Kim, I am the lord of simple, for years people have referred to me as 'Simpleton.' [Smile!] I'm so glad you like my written thoughts.
__John, How long hs it been since our paths first crossed? Thanks for your always kind comments!
__Karol, such things can be seen by the light of a candle, things that are overcome in the sun's glare.

__I thank you all! _m

Devika said...

Rediscover ?
I have never lost it, as far i know :)

but then whossaid it: 'The art of simplicity is a puzzle of complexity' - yeah some Doug said it :)