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Sunday, June 5, 2011

For the artests; they that capture those remarkable sunsets... by lens or brush.

days close
before it becomes never
a lens paints


Cindybrown said...

So very beautiful:)

Devika said...

sunrises have always been my attraction...sunsets are beautiful too -- and as a finished piece of art, it is sometimes difficult to distinguish between sunrise and sunsets -- lens or brush,

an artists' it offers 'n' renderings -- Good one, Magyar :)


Lorraine said...

I would have loved to photograh this, wow Doug

John McDonald said...

yes delightful M

Gillena Cox said...

Ode to sunset; a truly marvellous piece

much love...

TALON said...

Just gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

Love second line!!

Magyar said...

__Cindy... so nice to see you, and thanks!
__Dev... you make me blush!
__LL, your photographic compositions are always -wows-!
__Gillena... those sights we see, each an ode to life.
__K... you've been too kind!
__Each sunset becomes never, Sandy, and when the next one is shown... we often forget that that came before. Thanks for seeing that.
__So many years ago now, I worked with a stone mason... two summers, such artistc and pedantic skill he had, John. Thanks for your kind comment.

stone wall
from the mica shards

Devika said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Devika said...

blushing? sorry, the commentator isn't responsible for unintended consequences!

that was just joking....but haikuist, that was a senryu -- i just noted :)


a very significant typo! so repeating!

Timoteo said...

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then these few words are worth one amazing picture!