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Sunday, June 19, 2011

This morning's six o'clock walk.
__Spurred by a common curiosity, though perhaps for different reasons... I, and a Snapping Turtle... traveled the shoreline. Its head continually bobbing below, then above the 'top-water.'

morning walk
along this ponds quiet shore
a turtles head


John McDonald said...

nice one M

Lorraine said...

such a beautiful image through your words, bravo Doug

Magyar said...

I thank you both, John and Lorraine; but LL, those 'Snappers' can be considered 'pretty ugly.'

joo said...

Lovely haiku again:)

Timoteo said...

The image reminds me of a stroll by a river I took in England. There was a majestic looking white swan who shadowed me for longest time. I didn't know if it wanted food, or just a jogging companion.

Anonymous said...

I have had a yellow warbler follow me in the woods, but never a turtle.

From growing up around animals, I know that other creatures are as curious as humans.

Nice poem!

Maxine Beneba Clarke said...