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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

__This is an echo I left at the -Past Tense- link; I've always been amused by the first drops of rain bursting into that dryness of a dirt pathway, each drop each raises a wee puff of dust, and then... a tiny crater remains. Soon its mud!

rain drops
in the pathways dust


Anonymous said...

One of the big things in little!

John McDonald said...

love it

Frank... said...

Very nice haibun, Mafyar...

Lorraine said...

oh yes, we should all be graeful for water, I like your image

Gillena Cox said...

at the start
of the rain
smell of the earth

much love...

Magyar said...

Sandy... Big things!
LL... I am... but one drop.
Gillens... I love it!
John... splatter here, a splatter there.
Frank... good to see you!
__I thank you all! _m

old pajamas said...


Well seen and assembled. Thank you.....pajamas

Devika Jyothi said...

disappeared into the crater, or what? :)


Bianchii said...

Wow, really surprising and interesting blog.
You can visit my also and follow/subscribe if you want :)

Have a nice day :D

Kristin Riggs said...

Thankful for every drop! We need so much more!!! Hope you're staying cool. It's supposed to be 107 here on Thursday.

Your "echoes" are always perfect. :)


Bianchii said...

Thank you for comment and that I am always welcome here. I deleted post about drawings because it wasn't respectively finalized but I'll add it sometime in the future. By the way you are welcome too and If you want you can read my today post, different from all and.
Greetings :)

Karol Rosiak said...

love it


Magyar said...

__I thank you all!
__I stand aside a little... I guess one could refer to that
'stand aside' as some minor 'Blog-Blok.' See you soon. _m

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