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Monday, July 25, 2011

 __For "Pete.".
__Kathy and I offer our best wishes to his wife Chris, his daughters Lisa and Erin, and too, to the extended families... as John Denver once sang, "the memories of love will see you through."

they wait
beyond this final door
old friends


Devika Jyothi said...

And, that's a senryu you made of it!? -- anyway, condolences to the bereaved,

on a side note, think of it...they say we have rebirth -- so friends and family may not have a chance to meet again -- by the time one enters the door, the other would have exited -- still nice to imagine all would meet beyond the final door,

nonsense! love this life, love this world and when the time comes leave it! don't you think it is better to think so?


Devika Jyothi said...

just take the last para is a contradiction that works in my thoughts, Magyar -


Lorraine said...

I'm sure they'll welcome you with opened arms and great Love, don't listen to Dev, it's better on the other side and yes you do get rest before you jump down again ;)

joo said...

Beautiful tribute! I'm sure the do!

sandy said...

this is so lovely,
and certainly a comfort

Magyar said...

__A year ago this June, "Pete" was fully mobile, by early fall he was bed ridden... his ALS had such rapidness. "Pete" spoke through his eyes, always so thankful for his family; his friends remained aside... being sure to not clutter
the way, yet always at the ready.
__Friends, I hope you live each your days... to their fullest.