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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

European settlers traveled west during the years of colonization, and this continent's native peoples were displaced, severely handled and ill regarded.  In this time of disuse, a phrase became common among the Native American clans, a metaphor perhaps, that referred to the reasonable... native mistrust of the settlers. 

__The owls spoke few words, and when they traveled away in that silence, they left little evidence of their having been.
__Geese talked loudly in false words and left behind in the echoes of that din, the soils of their existence. "The talking of evil birds."

we hear
the talking of evil birds
feathers on the wind


joo said...

I love it! As usually:)

Lorraine said...

It's horribe isn't it, that this happened then again Canada closed its door during the Holocaust...I can't stand it

But I love that you bring it out so gently

Gillena Cox said...

so many sad days brought on my mankind's inhumane treating of one to another, we do need that objective reminder; with the hope that it heightens our desire for respect among us here on planet earth

much love...

Anonymous said...

Sometimes, I am not very proud of the way the counry grew. And, that is not just because of my Cherokee hertiage.

A very thoughtful post, Magyar.

John McDonald said...


BB said...

The red man turned his cheek once again.
Still cannot say where his forgiveness comes from!?
The one we made "run to the hills".
I hope someday we will all "smoke the pipe" and sing the songs
Share the peace offerings in a proper way.
No blankets covered in tuberculosis.
Swollen bellies.
No starving children hungry for meat.
No forests cut down.
No rape.
No murder.
Are we better?
What did we do?
The slow but sure sickness of the body and of the soul.
Real brothers that share this land do not shoot and enslave each other!
I look at the past and feel no pride for Columbus.
Only the small child living in the jungle or running free in the prairie or learning to hunt and fish in the barren snow land makes me smile.
True Men must nor live in reservations
But free as equals among all the people.
Still today, I cry for the Indian...

It´s always good to hear from you Magyar,LOVED THE WORDS.
Your friend_BB

Magyar said...

__I thank you all... for your understanding, and welcome comments.
__Soon! _m

Kristin Riggs said...

When we study this in Social Studies, my 6th graders always have such a hard time with it. They always say things like, "How could they just make them leave like that? What gave them the right? That's SO unfair". It's sometimes difficult to have to be the one to reveal the ugliness of humanity to their innocent little minds...and yet, in their comments about and reactions to the injustice they see in history, I see the beauty of humanity, too. Thank you for sharing this. You never disappoint!


Judie said...

I occasionally hike Honeybee Canyon, a wonderful place about 5 miles from my house. There are petroglyphs there, left by the early inhabitants. Many of them depict Great Horned Owls, who have made the canyon their home for hundreds of years. Often I see owls in the trees.

As for the geese, can't live with 'um, can't shoot 'um! Sadly, the middle class is fast learning what the "minorities" have gone through for so very long.

I left a response to your comment on my post. Thank you for commenting.