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Friday, October 14, 2011

The float picking of cranberry bogs.

fog wanders
across a warmer bog
the lone crow


Anonymous said...

What atmosphere!

We are getting fog right now. I can feel your poem.

Nana Fredua-Agyeman said...

loneliness. though you mentioned 'warmer' the idea of loneliness brought 'coldness' to mind.

Judie said...

My first thought was of the OceanSpray commercial. Why? because my 8th grade sweetheart is the chubby old guy, standing in the bog with the young fellow.

We really don't know what fog is in Tucson, as we rarely see it. I love Carl Sandburg's poem about fog.

John McDonald said...

nice one M

Judie said...

Doug, thanks for the wonderful comment on my post!!!

Magyar said...

I'm glade you liked this Sandy...
the cold morning air, the flooded bogs.

Nana... thanks; that is a lonely conflict, the fog of the warm and cold.

Judie... Oh? Oh! 'Don't use the cranberries from ova here.' "Kathy
and I live in the heart of the Massachusetts cranberry country, just moments away from the O.S. original factory... ! Made in the USA

John... I really enjoy your haibun blog, and I appreciate your visits and comments.

Thank you all, my friends... floating to the top.

as cranberries float
see the truth

Tikkis said...

I tramped some days in your bog...-)
I wrote several versions and here is this one just for yours:

crow's song
bogging the fog down
into the boghole

clue: Kalevala, where Joukahainen trying to bog down (into a swamp) King Wäinämöinen with his mighty song...

John McDonald said...

kind of you M re the haibun blog I made small changes to the last one and I always like to tell anyone who commented in case it changes their comments. thanks again for being a regular and much appreciated visitor

Lorraine said...

maybe it's the crow's breath, I love this Doug

Gillena Cox said...

the fog ambling over the warmer area is poetic to say the least the lone crow strikes at the heart of the matter not even the fog is there to be his companion; nicely presented, with colour interest as well

much love...