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Thursday, October 20, 2011

__First seen then, I posted this at Wonder Haiku Worlds in 2007, it alludes to 'time's change;'  in John McDonald's comment he translated this senryu into Scots, thanks again, John!

all hallow's eve
this ancient rite of mischief
a plastic mask

this auncient devilitrie
a plastic fause face


Judie said...

I have some Victorian masks made of thick paper. They only cover half one's face and tie in the back with string. I wear one on Halloween night when handing out candy and Mardi Gras beads. In our neighborhood, I am known as The Bead Lady.

Thsnk you, Doug, for your wonderful comment on my autumn post.

John McDonald said...

thanks M I forgot about this one

Frank... said...

A very nice haiku, Magyar...

Chèvrefeuille said...

Nice haiku. I am also a member of WonderHaikuWorlds.

Anonymous said...

I like it both ways!

Lorraine said...

that is excellent,it use to be the day where children hid....I love what you wrote

Magyar said...

Woooooo-Hoooooo... @^@... !
__I offer my thanks and best wishes to you all.

Bill said...

decorations on the lawn
of an empty house