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Monday, October 24, 2011

__We are supposed to -see- before scribble our haiku/senryu, but we can -see- through our imagination.

jack-o-lantern face
the sad pumpkin in this row
a burned out candle


Anonymous said...

I can just see this. Maybe you should give that guy a light.

Magyar said...

a match
strikes the welcome flame
this new light

__And after the "jack," I light my pipe. Thanks Sandy.

John McDonald said...

wonderful M

Rachel said...

Du Lieber,

oh ja, es passt wunderbar in diese Zeit:-)

von Herzen, Rachel

Gillena Cox said...

the essential light well represented

much love...

Judie said...

I can see this soooo clearly! Thanks for the comment on my post, Doug. I have a much lighter post today, complete with photos.

Margie said...

Magyar, came over from our friend Lorraine's blog (but I have visited you a long time ago)

Wonderful haiku, as always!

Be well and take care!

Carletta said...

Wonderful imagery!
Love your comment to Sandy. :)

Frank... said...

Super imagery, Magyar...

Magyar said...

Rachel, so very nice to read your comment; wow!

Gillena... as always, I return the wishes.

Judie, I see you've struck a new "light" as well. :<)

Margie... so good to see you as well, it has been a while!

You are alwys welcome Carletta, my thanks to you for -seeing- and understanding.

John and Frank; ahhhh, the haiku dreamers that we three are!

__I thank you all! _m