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Thursday, October 27, 2011

__My opinions are my tenets only and are never intended to be principles that others should follow, or cite as standards. I honor, and never reject the opinions of others.

Three of mine:
1, I believe both haiku and senryu, written in English, should follow the universally accepted structures, three lines of 5-7-5 syllables or less, simplicity the key;
2, Haiku should be centered in or around nature with that seasonal -hint-, and humans should be the seers, and/or be of minimal part... and not be the subject of that haiku;
3, Senryu, to me, should be of society, of politics, civility, of religion, the arts, or all-in-all a reflection of human nature, the seasonal hint, though not necessary, is applicable.

__I thank for your time and understanding... this then, the last senryu of the 2011 'Halloween Smiles.' _m

the door knock
gnomes and ghosts and fairytales  
these hello smiles


Margie said...

Thanks for your valued opinions ...
I very seldom write haiku or senryu but so enjoy it!

Really love this senryu!
Nicely done!

Margie :)

sandy said...

I agree!
Happy Halloween.
I just had a peanut butter cup. We will have to get more candy.

Magyar said...

__Margie, thanks again... so good to see you!

__You have peanut butter cups Sandy? I'll be right over!