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Thursday, December 15, 2011

A new direction... found.

herring gull
circles in this snowfall
sun seeps


TALON said...

"sun seeps" - two words that paint such a glorious picture in my mind.

Beautiful, as always, D.

Magyar said...

__Yesterday morning, K, there was an almost un-seen wisp of snow in the sky, and the gull... and as an equally slight sun shown through, the gull flew straight away.
__Just a thought.
__Thank you seeing this K. _m

joo said...

Lovely Magyar! I do love your poems.

sandy said...

That is what I call a before snow sun. Wouldn't you know the gull had to check it out. I like your coastal haiku.

Karol Rosiak said...

Oh, yes.

Magyar, best wishes,

Margie said...

Oh, this is lovely!
You write so beautifully!

Margie :)

Juhani Tikkanen said...

We got it here, too!

seeping sun -
a homeless crow
found a friend

John McDonald said...

love it

Lorraine said...

lovely, I envy each words and whispers

Judie said...

I thoroughly agree with Talon! Great mental picture.

Gillena Cox said...

thanks for sharing your vivid haiku moments enjoying them so much

Stay warm dear friend

much love...

Magyar said...

__I thank you my friends... and best wishes to you all! _m

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