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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Departure #8

__Kathy is the photographer in our happy lives, she snapped this in mid-summer of 2011. Is there any wonder why we enjoy the time we spend at our pond?

this flower
in its closing beauty
the seeds
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Margie said...

Such a beautiful sight to behold!
Kathy is a great photographer!

Beautiful haiku!

Margie :)

Judie said...

What a wonderful photo, Doug. I love your haiku. Seeds! Perfect!!

Lorraine said...

Fabulous, both words and photo you know how much I love photos, priceless

joo said...

No wonder! Fabulous photo and lovely haiku:)

Bill said...

that's what I call a team.

Ashi said...

wouw great picture.

boarding the night train
sleep wagon to be sure
Ra will rise again

Anonymous said...

Wow, she is good!
Oh yes, I see why you love the pond.

TALON said...

Gorgeous! I envy you both such a beautiful place :) Beautiful photograph and perfect words. A dream team, D! :)

John McDonald said...

absolute delight

Magyar said...

To Doug's friends!
Thank you for all your kind words. I love my camera and I love sunsets. Kathy.

__And I thank you all! _m

Magyar said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Gillena Cox said...

...and as the seed resonates continuance, so the photo secures in the memory of the summer to come

Warm thoughts

much love...

Tikkis said...

well, somewhere there a lost frog??

large pond -
a silent frog keeping
itself to itself


But a nice photo!

Frank... said...

Lovely picture & words...

BB said...

Great peaceful :) I´ll use it has my new wallpaper.

Peaceful lake.
What miracle shines upon thee
That makes one smile with joy?

Anonymous said...

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