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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Departure # 9

Quiet time can generate... free thought.

Seeds planted
By a muse's call...
Weeded, pruned, urged by thought's breath
Without the restrictive rein of didactic

The idea blooms...
__Nurtured, ideas ripen;
__Ignored, they sour on the vine.


TALON said...

Quiet time is rare and special, isn't it, D? Unfortunately, too often time constraints do allow things to sour, unplucked.

Lorraine said...

lack of time, lack of truth, falsehood they all restrain the writing, but nothing stops it as you've just shown

Anonymous said...

I often find when I am walking, or listening to soft music, that I suddenly realize that I have another track going in my head, one that is working on a poem.

You are so right about quiet time.

Margie said...

I so love my quiet time.
It's refreshing to my spirit and so needed!

I really enjoyed this post!
Thank you!

Sam!! said...

Nicely said..:)

Happy New Year Magyar!

Take care

Magyar said...

Thanks, friends... see you all, soon. _m

Anonymous said...

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