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Sunday, January 22, 2012

__I have an old and heavy, navy blue corduroy shirt... there's a pocket on each breast, and over all it looks as if it has had little use.  It's flaw? The button down collar is worn through at the fold. I've been looking for a replacement, but all are of lighter materials, only a few have pockets, and some with the retailer's emblem where a pocket should be (I should pay for their advertising?) None of those shirts had been made here.
__Guess what I did this morning! A seam ripper, 40 minutes and Kathy's sewing machine; thus in the old fashioned way, I managed to re-position my collar!

stitches hide the wear of time


Lorraine said...

you are a brilliant osberver lol

Frank... said...

A very nice haibun, Magyar...

joo said...

You are amazing:)

Anonymous said...

Good for you!
People used to turn collars all the time, but haven't heard of anyone doing it lately.

Magyar said...

Observer LL? That... I am. Brilliant? An adjective that I could never apply to me!

Frank, as pedantic as I might be, the senryu attached... could very easily be termed an aphorism. I sincerly thank you!

Joo, dear friend, on those rare occasions when I accomplish, instead of fail, I amaze myself!

Sandy, the last I saw that happen, 'twas my Hungarian Grandmother (my boss genes) on an old, foot cranked Singer, about 1953.

Thanks friends! _m

Margie said...

So many talents!

I once made an apron in Home Economics and it turned out badly, it was then I gave up on sewing! LOL!

Really enjoyed this one!
Thank you!

Gillena Cox said...

nice work; enjoy your shirt for many more wears :)
great shirt ku

much love...

Sam!! said...


Take care

TALON said...

I love when you can salvage something worn and make it beautiful again, D.

Anonymous said...

I like how you love this old shirt. I've got some of them as well.

I want show you a haiku of a German haikuist about "stitches". I love it!

winter evening
with tiny stitches
the doll's smile returns


Best wishes

John McDonald said...

lovely material here m

Magyar said...

__Margie... kinda kontraried the old kollar.
__Gillena, I bet you have some old stuff too, too historic to heave
__Sam, we can only try.
__K, like those old shoes... too fit to your foot-fit, to forget.
__Rudi, lovit! I can see the smile mending as the stitches grow. I'll be searching more of Ingrid's work.
__John so neatly... to the 'matter'

I truely thake you all for your kind smiles and comments! _m

Juhani Tikkanen said...

Great story!

Your family-dressmaker's registration of a trade in order?

(I have also one old shirt needing some tuning-up? How about?)

BB said...

Dear sir...You should REALLY write an Haiku book.

Like steps
Follow a straight line

Anonymous said...

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