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Thursday, January 19, 2012

__In my bothersome state, there are some blogs on which I cannot leave comments... the comment pages have been locking-up. As a Blog-O-Sphere illiterate, "I feel I'm out on the desert, and my only tools are... a canoe and a paddle;  sometimes its best to watch the weather, and wait for the rain."  _m

drought days
waiting for the rain
a paddle


joo said...

Quite contrary here, but I love the haiku!

Anonymous said...

Very frustrating, isn't it?
You are not alone in this.

Frank... said...

I too had the same problem of not being able comment on some blogs, however it seems to have resolved itself. Hope we get back to normal soon. A very nice haiku...

TALON said...

It's frustrating when technology gets snippy, isn't it?

Yes, sometimes patience is not only a virtue, but a necessity, D :)

Margie said...

I too have been having trouble leaving some comments on some blogs.
Hope it all gets resolved soon.

Love the haiku.

Take care, be well!

Karol Rosiak said...

"__In my bothersome state, there are some blogs on which I cannot leave comments... (...)

It's like communism.
Take care,

Tikkis said...

Sometimes I'm happy after just read a good poem!

It is not possible any more to send comment to Mr Issa's after he wrote his haiku # 20.123 ... :-)

Excuse me...

Facebook's I-like-putton is quite nice, I think?

We in Finland are all asked to "comment"; we have presidential elections going on. 8 persons, only one is the 'winner'.

It is also quite common NOT to vote ANYBODY, and also someone thinks it's trendy to draw a canoe in the voting ticket.

But just once, as a poor country we have only one vote to use, though in our very good friend-neigbor state where (_I've heard?) it is possible to vote several times. (Depending perhaps what side you are in?)


to draw
a canoe

Crafty Green Poet said...

I'm having similar prblems with some blogs. One thing that helps is when you sign into Google to untick the box that says stay signed in.

I enjoyed the haiku.

Frank... said...

An excellent haiku, Magyar. I too have had a few posting problems but they are now resolved.

Judie said...

Doug, I LOVE this! We live in the desert and constantly pray for rain before the monsoon season finally hits. Then some uf us really do need paddles. I am teaching a class this spring called "Expect the Unexpected." It is a plein air class, and I am placing an object in the desert that rarely has a place there, and asking the students to paint that object in its surroundings. Just a bit of whimsy for my class...

As for Blogger locking up, I have switched to "pop-up" for comments, and that has solved the problem for me.

Bill said...

are we facing a revolt of the blogs? Keep a paddle handy.

Magyar said...

Thanks friends!
__I'm sure the comment glitches will be cured. And, of course, the pop-up comment page helps. _m

Lorraine said...

Sigh it is so holy frustrating snif

Anonymous said...

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