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Saturday, March 17, 2012

Departure #13

Another old scribble.   _m


Style is yours, a personal sign, and
     Fashion... another’s glee.
Thus avoid the newer trends, where
    Some think you ought to be.

By melting into a reasoned blend
     Quiet... and unheeded,
Each fashion’s, tidal flood and wane,
     For you, will pass un-needed.

So set your style to fit your fashion
     Your... fashion to fit your style,
And the art of being over looked,
     Puts fashion in your smile.


Anonymous said...

I agree, to each his or her own.

TALON said...

I loved this. Truth in perfect rhythm and rhyme, D! :)

Magyar said...

Thank you both, Sandy and K!
__Perhap someday, a "Departure"
from the normal... will be one of my Sonnets. Oooo, talk about strict structure and line rhythm!

__Thanks again. _m

dora said...

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