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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

March 21st, 11pm... 64 degrees, watching this warm night

cloudy mist
fills the big dipper
tree frogs


Gillena Cox said...

no time for cloud dreaming here; the frogs need to hold us in their conversations on Spring; Happy Spring time Doug

much love...

Magyar said...

__Thanks, Gillena! Too... since the Big Dipper is 'up-side down,' the words "spills from" come to mind. Such a joyful song... the peepers sing. _m

Bill said...

Subtle and effective jux.

Anonymous said...

I saw the dipper last night. Why didn't it inspire me to a lovely haiku like this?

Magyar said...

__Thanks Sandy and Bill, I truely appreciate your comments. _m

... and this morning's, surprise:

smell of earth
the forcythia shines
dew lingers

TALON said...

Such gorgeous imagery,D. A frog chorus is a wonderful companion in the evening. This sudden burst of warm weather just feels like an unexpected gift.

Magyar said...

...and to you as well, K, I thank
you. Always, _m.
__Some day, perhaps, I'll learn the proper spelling of -forSythia-.

Lorraine said...

I missed your images, HI Doug