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Thursday, March 15, 2012

The "peepers" as we call them, soon to be heard; this,  from one of my old 'scribble books.'

warm night
a page of what will be
tree frogs


TALON said...

I love frog music. :)

John McDonald said...

good one M

joo said...

Can't wait to warm nights and frogs' songs!
Have a lovely weekend:)

moondustwriter said...

beauty in but a few well placed words
always enjoy the visit

sandy said...

Not warm enough for peepers here, yet, but do love to hear them.

Bill said...

I love the way this moves.

bfggds said...
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Bob Bushell said...

Brilliant haiku.

Rachel said...

Liebe Magyar,

dies ist wieder ganz toll durchdacht... ich bewundere dich sehr!!!

Alles Liebe

Magyar said...

Liebe Rachel,
__So schon von dir zu horen, die besten Wunsche, lieber Freund. _m

Magyar said...

K... Soon the Songs... the
"Twitter" in the "Tweez."

Joo... each night I listen; soon I will hear.

Moondustwriter... words are so often more then___ just words.

Sandy... The air is warming. Listen!

Bill... You see deeply, thanks as always.

Bob... I can not get enough of your photos.

John... I like seeing your posts at WHW, too, I keep lookin' for more haibun.
___Thanks again folks! _m