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Monday, July 23, 2012

Summer's  night.

winds meet
mosquitoes in that eddy
chalk dust


John McDonald said...

nice one

Lorraine said...

I like it we're both about the wind today lol

Bill said...

This one flows.

Anonymous said...

It is a very nice one! Let's hope those mosquitos just keep spinning.

Gillena Cox said...

nice one; having the frustration these days of pesky mosquitoes

Crafty Green Poet said...


Ralf Bröker said...

fly swat
my wife asks for
a Nietzsche quote


Magyar said...

__John, thanks, and just to let you know... I enjoy your posts at W.H.W.!
__Ahhh, LL... in my case? 'Hot-Air!'
__Bill, thanks. Three little words that... truely mean a lot.
__Sandy, some of the better things about... November, December, January, FebUary (as it is being pronounced, more and more often. Lyberry?) and March? NO MOSQUITOES!__Gillena... Thanks, and yo you too... nice posts at W.H.W.!
__Good to see you, Juliet, and thanks!
__Lovit, Ralf... ;<) a

Double thanks to you all! _m

Geraldine said...

Love your poem, hate the "sitoes" they're back lately. :<(

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