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Thursday, July 12, 2012

__I felt the guilt; it had been too long since I traveled to my homeland, the Berkshire Foothills, and my needed visit to my Mother's and Father's grave site. A busy but satisfying week.

__I stepped to their marker, and before them I sat to my heals and reached out to touch their carved names. As the morning sun painted my reflection on their glassy stone, it shown back with the image of their faces. "We've not forgotten you," they said, and I answered, "nor have I,  you." 
__I left my two cents... well hidden there; the first penny, minted the year of my Father's passing, the second... the year that my Mother followed.

the fresh cut grass
morning breeze

__I turned and took the first steps away, but in glancing back I sensed I was not  leaving, I was walking to... to count many more steps.

the doves
their counted steps
many more


Lorraine said...

and still i want to cry because I'm not there

Gillena Cox said...

such a beautiful haibun; yes its a tear jerker

much love...

Lorraine said...

Dear Doug I'm getting out of the world of the Internet, I've had it but I'd love to keep in touch with my blogger friends, my address is
40 du Patrimoine
Gatineau, Quebec
J9H 3N7

Lorraine said...

mmmcancel that they made a mistake or something you can still send stuff

Lorraine said...

I corrected the mistakes and I'm staying on I don't want to leave

Magyar said...

I truely thank you, my friends, Gillena anf LL!
__LL... hang in there.

Warren said...

Gorgeous, Mag - I love the sentiment and the beautiful way you crafted it. Tops!


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I hope to see more of your posts.