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Thursday, November 8, 2012

From an old scribble book, April 8th., 2004.

a rooster's
opinion of the morning
new leaves

roll cast
behind the rock's eddy
trout rings


Gillena Cox said...

like them vote; gotta vote for the rooster this time; just love the dawn

much love...

Lorraine said...

charming, without at doubt, morning music

Rachel said...

Lieber Magyar,
so lob ich mir den Tag.

alles Liebe dir
von der Rachel

Magyar said...

__Gillena, I like the dawn and those dark moments just before sunrise... when the birds sing out their excitment.
__LL, and that their morning music.
__Lieber Rachel, ich schatze dein Lob Tages.

I thank you Ladies... for your visits and very kind comments! _m

Geraldine said...

evocative words...

Magyar said...

... and few, I expect, know the functionality of the -roll cast-; not a Broadway Stage process.
__Fly rod. _m