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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Soon... .

snow walk
a nearing sun
tells this weaving pathway
thoughts of green on this icy trail
bird songs


Lorraine said...

beautiful and wishful and that's why I'm so grateful to our evergreens and blue spruce :)

Iris said...

It is very optimistic, Magyar :)
Best wishes from Iris

Bill said...

Everybody's reminding me of my signature haiku

February wind
I want to believe
the crocus

Magyar said...

__Ahhh Bill, grand haiku, that Crocus; I thank you for sharing your haiku here!
__I sometimes think those sturdy sprouts could push their way through the ice of a hockey rink!

__Iris, so good to hear from you!

__And LL... as always!

Ralf Bröker said...

Dear _m,

I had 130 spam-comments to delete and unfortunately deleted your fine comment as well by pushing the spam-button. The fool I am can't find a way back. So so sorry. I beg your pardon ...

Best regards

TALON said...

We have one of those snowy mornings where everything is hushed and the birdsong sounds magical :)

Loved this, Magyar!