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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Another... "33"

noon sun
its heat melts the sand

ugly bikini
the dream faded away
a clock chimes


Margie said...

First, I must say "thank you"
I was touched by your kind words!
Rose is "the delight of my heart"

I have now and then tried my hand at haiku and I'm a total failure!

Your haiku's always are a true delight to read!
Thank you!
Good writing here!

Lorraine said...

Like Margie I'm a disaster at haiku (although in all fairness i Haven't read Margie's yet well that is if she tried) but you are wonderful and yes I got several feelings out of this and all are welcome, good one Doug

Frank... said...

Two wonderful haiku, Magyar...

TALON said...

Oh, I loved these both, but the bikini? That's awesome! I'm giggling over here, D!

Magyar said...

__Margie... Rose is lucky... so are we all; thanks for being our friend!

__LL... too you too, I greatly appreciate your friendship!

__K... so glad you giggled... it senses happiness in me, that some of my scribbles can cause those giggles!

__Frank... we often follow the same
pathways; thanks comrade!


Timoteo said...

Is it the bikini, or the what's filling out the bikini? (Just had to ask.)

Magyar said...

__So good to hear from you Tim!

__Did-ya evahhh notice, a coffee cup, a milk glass, a beer mug... and so many other things... can be "over-filled" to that point where the "over-fill" presents a real problem?" Spillage!?

Leslie said...

with the noon sun comes the sand dance and the run to the waves by the little ones
a perfect picture of dayz at the coast
even down to the bikini

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