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Thursday, July 4, 2013


WHY do I -now- need a "title" to post?  A title had never been a requirement before now;  is it time to escape my being -somewhat- "controlled "  by electronics?
__Happy 4th, the day of freedom.
__The last 'firefly' haiku, I promise! When younger (much) in the Berkshire Foothills, we called them 'lightning bugs'.  This... an older, and adjusted haiku.

lightning bugs
caught in this dark night's wind
shooting stars


Margie said...

Good Morning
It's been a while since I've visited you and whenever I see you at Lorraine's I always tell myself I must visit but then I get busy with Rose and I have no time!

Anyway, I love lighting bugs!
Wonderful haiku.

Happy 4th :)

Margie said...


Title now required ....and so it goes :)

Magyar said...

Soooo good to have your visit Margie! Thanks!
__I never oticed your missing
'n' 'till your corrective post! ;<)

Lorraine said...

no no never stop with the Light and yes how stupid and annoying they say ignore it, but tried to, It won't work so I think next time I'll just make up a word I think I'll write Blogger is an idiot...It might work

Ashi said...

nice haiku even it's "old" - Title I haven't noticed, but then again I always give them a title ;)

TALON said...

You are a rebel, D! ;)

I never tire of your lighting bug haiku or any of your haiku for that matter!

Danièle Duteil said...

Nice one !

Magyar said...

__My friends, I sincerely thank you all... your visits and kind comments are so well appreciated! _m

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