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Monday, August 26, 2013

__I left this Cinquain in an instant... at Talon's most recent post, it was inspired by K's poem... "Snippets from a Summer Journal." 
__I was brought back to my childhood; the memories, the taste of new black birch twigs, and walking among the moss and wild violets.
Thanks K!   _m

Black birch,
in this new bark
I taste the sweet syrup
and walk among the violets.
Such gifts.


Lorraine said...

oh I was hungry before now I'm starving....

Margie said...

In an instant the memories come back to you and you write this beautiful Cinquain.

TALON said...

I loved it the first time I read it, and I love it still, D. It's so cool when inspiration feeds inspiration. :)

John Mcdonald said...

nice one M

Magyar said...

Thanks, friends!
__Soon... back to the "Norm."... if what I do, could ever be considered, "Normal."

normal view
hidden by the heavy fog

Leslie said...

sweet and fragrant
you make the cinquain look so easy...

"Normal"? can a creative mind ever be that???

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