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Sunday, September 1, 2013

Another... "33"

warm days
we walk hand in hand
each other's cane

a bird call
ends this sleepful night
rain drops


Leslie said...

what a loving image of a couple aging together
ha - birds always welcome except when they get up soooo early
/ gr8 to see you out and about M :)

Bill said...

birdsong . . .
what the night has been
waiting for

Lorraine said...

oh all sounds so so comforting, beautiful Doug :)

Margie said...

You have a way with words...
"short and sweet"

Thank you!

Magyar said...

I thank you Leslie!
__Often, love never evaporates.

Bill, thanks.
__A fine, and well appreciated
'echo' !

LL, waking to the soft rain!
__I'm glad you sense comfort here.

Thanks Margie!
__That you see more deeply into those -sort of- haiku.

sounds heard
as goodness reaches me
this soft rain


Frank... said...

Two very nice haiku, Magyar. In particular, I like the first...

John Mcdonald said...

love these M

Magyar said...


Always so good to see, and feel your comments!

TALON said...

The pictures you paint, D. Just beautiful and so tender.

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