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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

a gray cloud
slows this sun's arrows


Lorraine said...

That's what lead me to the knowledge that my Sammi was no longer on earth but in Heaven, still for its own beauty, I love it

Bill said...


TALON said...

My daughter is cursing the goldenrod right now, D. Seems overly abundant this year, but I showed her your haiku and she said that makes it much more bearable. :)

Ashi said...

pappus of Goldenrod
seeds by the wind
a promise of return
I don't mind wild flowers :)

Magyar said...

__All lives find their rest; the gladness of knowing, must soften the sadness of loosing.

__Grey and gold, unmentioned but sensed, blue and green, then the Autumn change.

collecting their larder
bees sneeze
__Best seasonal wishes to you and to your Daughter! ;<)

__Wild Flowers. Because of this status, "Wild" [not cultivated] have a deeper, natural beauty.

Good to see you, and thanks to you all... back soon. _m

SzélsőFa said...

I, too, will return for some more haiku.

moondustwriter said...

I love the visual you conjure
There are times when the sun's rays look like arrows spilling from the heavens
we will never find them in the goldenrod

happy autumn

Margie said...

Always a pleasure to visit you as you say so much with few words.
Thank you.
And I really enjoyed this haiku.

Gillena Cox said...

luv the colour co-ordination in this haiku canvass

much love...

Lorraine said...

Doug, wanted to let you know that I'm keeping only one blog now:
It allows for more variety, I don't like to be stuck to one genre lol

Magyar said...

I thank you all! _m

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