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Saturday, September 28, 2013

Things to come, cold nights and steaming tea; comfort.

this candle
hides the night's darkness
steaming tea


polona said...

ah, small pleasures that give the life meaning... i like it

Tikkis said...

well lighted


Danièle Duteil said...

I like such atmosphere.

Lorraine said...

Gotta love this one even If I don't like tea, it's so cozy tea cozy bravo!

Margie said...

I'm have a nice cuppa tea at this very moment!

Very nice one!

TALON said...

Yes, time to cocoon and tea and candles are the ticket to winter bliss. :)

Loved this, D!

Frank... said...

Very nice...

Poet Laundry said...

Very nice! Comfort indeed.

Anonymous said...

Hi Magyar,

How have you been?


Sam!! said...

Nicely expressed...:)

Hey! am back..:)hope you doing well...tczzz


Magyar said...

Polona... small pleasures are the prize!

Sipping tea; chess, Tikkis.

DD... there are so many 'other' sounds heard in that silent atmosphere.

LL... I still prefer "Kona" but tea has its gifts.

Sip deep, Margie.

Ahhh... that cocoon, and fuzzy slippers K., cuppa tea and an -old-book.

P.L., Bahgs and Sam... so good to see you again! I'll be visiting you all... soon!

Frank, as always.
__I thank you all! _m

Leslie said...

Im getting ready for those steaming tea mornings and evenings

Magyar said...

Good to see you "Les!"

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