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Sunday, October 13, 2013

Another quote, journalistic as it may be: 
"I will be remembered,  if only through my erors." 
W. Churchill
__Journalistic? One could immediately apply that 'quote' to... whom? But of course, 'W' could easily refer to Wendy, or William, Walter or Wanda.

lives change
wisdom within its collage
fallen leaves


Lorraine said...

yes preparing us through beauty what wonderful thought, wonderful Doug

Vesper said...

I suppose his last name is enough for everybody to know who he is... for a while, anyway...

A haunting haiku... Beautiful.

TALON said...

Yes, D, those important cycles of life...we need them...even when they're painful truths gleaned.

Lorraine said...

We can only be what we know, what we learn, what we become, one step at a time, I enjoyed this very much

Danièle Duteil said...

Yes ! To understand what lifes collage mean, keep an eye on nature.

Leslie said...

color's captive
walking in nature's swirl
tripping on a root

hopefully we are wiser because of the change

you always inspire M

Margie said...

You do inspire.
Thank you.

Gillena Cox said...

life is dynamic, it is the very essence of life

much love

Magyar said...

Double thanks, LL!
__Chick With A Pen... a haunting thank you!

K, another link!

__Daniele, so much to discover in that grand collection!

Leslie, ahaa, that "Truth of Tripping," in each day's "Tour."

__Margie, And you do not? You are!

Gillena, each leaf a new an added volt from life's generator!

I truely thank you all! _m

Sali Soli said...

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