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Thursday, November 28, 2013

__To those of you that believe as I do, and to those who do not... it matters little; as I believe, this is my wish to you all!
__ "Have a very happy and content holiday season!"

cold wind 
tries to reach your soul
family strength


Vesper said...

I love this, this is so true.

I thank you for your good wishes. May they be returned tenfold to you. :-)

Bhagya Shree said...

And it keeps on getting colder and colder here but my spirits are high for new hopes and new beginnings :)

Wish me best!!


Timoteo said...

Winter gives us many opportunities to be introspective. Reflected so well in several of your latest.

Danièle Duteil said...

So, why being afraid with winter. Have some nice holidays.

TALON said...

That's the best bit about the holiday season - families gathering together (even if they get on each other's nerves). Wishing you and yours a beautiful holiday season, Doug.

John Mcdonald said...

and may I return your good wishes ten fold for you and your loved ones

Magyar said...

I truly thank you all... your precious wishes! _m

Crafty Green Poet said...

very true

voyance en ligne said...

Thank you for the good advice ... it's very nice to read you ... ..and ...... instructive.