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Saturday, February 22, 2014

A night's new seeds, and in thought's garden... another day towards spring.

ice filled night
stars seeding this new garden
a crocus waits


Rachel said...

Stimmt, lieber Magyar,
die Nacht war kalt, doch den Krokussen macht es nichts mehr aus. Sie zeigen schon ihre Farben und wir ahnen, was bald kommt - Frühling, lächel...

Dir ein frohes Hoffen


Magyar said...

lieber Rachel
__Ja... bald die grune und Faben des Fruhkings wird mit uns sein. Es war eine lange Zeit der Kalte.

Best wishes! _m

rebba said...

teacups break in time...with time...walling memories...yet --- gardens bloom shattering silences anew ...

Lorraine Renaud said...

The wonder of Nature, not a thing to take lightly, a miracle in the making everyday, it's beautiful Doug

Magyar said...

Rebba... Glad to hear of your recovery! Thanks again!

Rachel, Rebba and LL...
__The thoughts of today?
Tonight's stars.
__Tonight's stars?
The thoughts of tomorrow.

__Seeds of life's circle.

Jan said...

~A beautiful a warm blanket~

Thank you for visiting my blog today. Now that I know of your lovely blog I will visit often...


Vesper said...

This is such a fantastic image! The stars seeding a garden.. and that crocus waiting... what a mystery!

Magyar said...

__Jan, welcome, and I thank you for your kind comment!
__Chick with a Quill!" as always... thanks to you! (A wonderment: is it "Cora"?)

Moonie said...

hmm is that why my writing is slower?
It's all crammed down there with the crocus???
brrr can we have spring already?

Margie said...

Such a lovely haiku.
You are a master at 'the art of haiku.

Magyar said...

Margie Dear,
__I truly thank you... honoring me, far beyond status; "Master!"
__WOW! far beyond! Smiles!

__There are those that believe THEY are masters, I am simply a student that -competes- within himself, not others. _m