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Tuesday, June 3, 2014

I'll return soon, 6/14/14; good wishes! _m

breed wolves yowl 
through this rocky canyon 
a far train


moondustwriter said...

another age
voices raise from the past
sunset echos

your haiku had that "old west" feel.

Magyar said...

__I thank you for the complementary echo (In the canyon?) "Moonie!"
__This >is< a "Voice from the past," a new write of old "scribble book" notes. _m

Gillena Cox said...

Nice juxt

Much love...

Moonie said...

Don't you love old notes? They generate newness and yet aged at just the right temp and time for the poet/ the connoisseur of fine words :)

Magyar said...

I thank you Gillena and Moonie!
__Moonie, I'm glad you understand my opinion; we are all deemed "The Uneducated" by the "Edumakated Councils." Smiles! _m

Lorraine Renaud said...

Well they have nothing on you,Doug

Jan said...

My thoughts went to...sounds of wolves, trains and their echoes through the canyon...past and present~


Poet Laundry said...

Eerie in a good way...conjures up that whole good ol' Western vibe. Enjoy your time!

Lysa Light said...

Thank you for the good times on your blog. I often post to watch (again and again) these wonderful items you shared. Very interesting. Good luck to you!

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