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Friday, August 29, 2014

To and for Devica, in complement to her most recent post: The rooster still shrieks... in the dawning.

fog cover
veils this morning sunrise
a rooster


Jan said...

But that rooster
will still sing to
start his day right~

I always enjoy each Haiku you write :)

Magyar said...

Thanks Jan!
__I do like your >fence posts<! To protect that within, not... not accepting the outer realm! _m

Poet Laundry said...

Love this M. Just perfect.

Gillena Cox said...

Clear and shrill
The rooster's crow
draws morning through

Much love...

Magyar said...

Thank you Jenn... . Perfect? Wow, I blush! Wishes, Jenn. _m

Magyar said...

Thanks, Gillena!
__Your echo is so well appreciated; roosters, pulling each day from the night. _m

Moonie said...

...and the rooster is at it fog or not.
Delightful hope you have a nice weekend Doug.

Magyar said...

__Thanks, Moonie, from one bird to another... ummm, owl to rooster?
__More birds to fly. Smiles! _m

Magyar said...

__Not 'just my laptops' but others in towns nearby, and my friend's in Conecticut and Montana:
__Once my "profile picture" was a completely black (profile?) sillouette without recognition.
__Now... that "profile" has colors showing and descriptive facial lines are beginning to appear. It "must be" that I've done something incorrectly. Correct?
__Such 'little' things cause me to wonder about technology. _m

John Mcdonald said...

Love these m and best wishes to jj may he enter a world heading for change for the better

Moonie said...

Thank you for your visit and comments :)
I thinks its nice that you have a bit of a blue glow.

Moonie said...

I think...
only occasionally

Lorraine Renaud said...

My dear dear Doug,never give up never give in oh although still stuck on google i've managed to open a blog that does not have photos in the that as you know you'll be happy to know that I went to the technical page so now everyone can visit there is no comment moderation ever no captcha phrases that i hate with a passion all you have to do his comment with your beautiful name. yes my new blog is alive with the sound of new photos lol in case you forgot:
I don't know how long google will allow this blog, but i've realized I didn't miss my blog , I missed all my friends so hey they can do whatever they want with me, but they won't touch my friends, 'cause i'm keeping them all even if I'm forbidden from having a blog,you're such a dear Doug, thank you