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Friday, October 24, 2014

__That bond of the old and the new, the contraries; this meld of history and progress as seen within fall's naked limbs. _m 

an aged cabin
this site on the leafless hill
a satellite dish


Nick said...

It's an odd thing, I think, the combination of a desire for solitude (cabin) with the desire for connection (dish). We humans are a strange lot.

Lorraine Renaud said...

sounds out this world, but I understand, such opposites...I would love to find an empty cabin and move in.. with the possibility of electricity of course lol

Jan said...

Fill my tiny cabin with books, candles and my art supplies, blank journals and something to write with. Add a fireplace or a wood burning stove...but please do not mar its comforts with dish, networks or cell phones. Save those for when I must return to society~

Great Haiku for thought~

Magyar said...

Such thanks Nick, LL, and Jan!
__An old person, such as I, dislikes the corruption of history by modern icons; as if history... has had no, or at least limited, value to our >modern< existance. _m

TALON said...

I'm amazed by how those dishes get into even the most remote locations. As always, D, a pure delight!

Magyar said...

__I truely value your views and comments Kim! [I shall be placing my order soon.] Forever. _m

Iris said...

this is a good combination ... of words :)

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