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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

__I minimized my activity and stepped aside for awhile, and scratched my fictions on yellow leagle pads... writer's "Flock"... it might be said. Smiles!
__This, a recent comment that I left at the good "Iris Haiku" blog.

winter moth
on this colder wind
a snowflake


TALON said...

We need those little breaks to refresh spirit and muse, D. :)

Oh, yes, we have quite a few of these moths at the moment! Brrrr! Loved this!

Wishing you and Kathy a blessed and beautiful Thanksgiving!

Crafty Green Poet said...

lovely haiku

always nice to have a refreshing break...

Moonie said...

Glad you are getting time to write on the yellow pads (fill em up)

footprints from the past
strong scented memories
reminders of thanks

Have a wonderful time chasing winter moths and celebrating Thanksgiving!

Magyar said...

Thanks Kim!
__Gotta change yuh shoes from time to time! We count the moths.

Juliet, thanks too, to you!
__Refreshing break... a new wick in the oil-lamp!

Moonie,Thanks for your senryu!
"footprints from the past"
__In loooking back, our memories show us where we've tripped; that learning path. Lovit!

My best wishes to you all! _m

Lorraine Renaud said...

I love it, and you know it DD, wonderful

Magyar said...

I Thank you so much, LL!
__"Thoze onez, them onez," (near by
coloquialisms) the moths, will be here for several weeks, and in the spring "thoze onez" will have "brung" their hurtful (imported) catapillers... to our Oak trees.
__Thankfully that imported infection has become less and less each season. _m

veredit - isabella kramer said...


Magyar said...

Thank you Isabelle, for your visit and your >wonderful< comment! _m

Vesper said...

This association is simply amazing: winter moth and snowflake... It's just perfect!

Moonie said...

I see snow flakes and I think of your "winter moths"

such an amazing image

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