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Friday, February 6, 2015

Another... "33"

empty moon
the night sky fills the lake
a time of stars

lake shore cliff
moss clings to that rocky peak
mountain laurel


Lorraine Renaud said...

I love every words even the space between them, how i yearn for this, beautiful DD

Rachel said...

Ich liebe deine Haikus,
lieber Magyar. In ihnen finde ich jedesmal so viele Bilder und Gedanken...

ein ganz gutes Wochenende
für dich lieber Freund

LG, Rachel

Magyar said...

__LL. Even the spaces? Wow, I'll have to write more spaces. Smiles, and I truly thank you for your kind observation!

__Rachel, I'm always appreciative in having your comments, and I'm so glad you liked these verses; a grand weekend to you as well!

Gillena Cox said...

do so luv the first one for its reflection

have a nice Saturday

much love...

Magyar said...

Thanks for your visit, Gillena.

Moonie said...

fervent gaze
watery reflection
moon smile

Beautiful set Doug

Magyar said...

I truly thank you Moonie, and I love your echo! _m

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