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Wednesday, February 4, 2015

__It was long ago now. In that sun, the steeple's slate shingles warmed some, and its collected snow slid downward due to the vibrations of that ringing bell.  Poor paper boys!

the bell's chime
snow covers the church steps
Sunday papers


Bill said...

And, since it was Sunday, maybe the parishioners got caught, as well.

Magyar said...

Torrington CT. Yes... we did.
__'Twas long ago, as the "Sunday Paper" technology tells of that time. My memory was spurred by some old file notes found in my morgue; using those "old" notes, I've listed this as an "old haiku."
__Thanks Bill! _m

Danièle Duteil said...

Nice old haiku !

Vesper said...

You paint such vivid scenes with your words!

Magyar said...

__The writer of much, the author of nothing... deeply thanks you 'Vesper,' such a fine complement! _m

Magyar said...

__Thanks too, Daniele_! 'Tis true, of course, this haiku is a 'new' write, from 'old'(very old) scribble notes.

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