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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

__The 18th was Ash Wednesday; to you all, a fruitful forty days and too, far beyond. 
... for now. _m

brave search
yore-minds pure forgotten truths


Magyar said...

__Bravley, as the 'yester-mind' admits to past life failures (forgotten truths,) a more pure vision can be achieved.

Lorraine Renaud said...

not easy to look in the mirror and recall all that you've done wrong, but I've done it and still do. I love this DD

Ygraine said...

I totally agree with is never easy to look in the mirror and accept past mistakes. But there comes a time in every life when it can no longer be avoided...:)

Moonie said...

forward striving
we reach for the distant light
our best for now

We need to just keep striving for that pure vision don't we Doug?

Jennifer Wagner said...

It's never too late to begin our brave search, and with that I am comforted!

Magyar said...

Thanks friends_!
__I do appreciate your visits, and your kind and understanding "look Into It" comments_!