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Monday, March 30, 2015

Tanka, perhaps; there is an adjustment in the comments.

snow melt fills this brook
as it roams to the river
broken braches turn
old stones of a long lost bridge
these chapels of frothing foam


Jan/JFM said...

Such a lovely picture you have painted in my thoughts...thank you~

Moonie said...

and time passes for these stones that have seen so many melts...

Gillena Cox said...

thanks for sketching your snowmelt so vividly

much love...

Magyar said...

Thanks Jan, Moonie and Gillena!
__I wonder... if tanka is written in English, could it not be written in a more brief form... as is haiku_?
__There are many different opinions and viewpoints, that are often listed as__ rules. _m

Magyar said...

snow melt
fills this river to the sea
broken branches
_old stones of this lost bridge
_chapels in the froth

__Just a simplistic rewrite, the dashes only there to mark the lower phase; here, opinions are gratefully accepted. tnx. _m

grapeling said...

a gorgeous scene, well rendered ~

Magyar said...

M, I truly thank you... your visit, and kind comment. _m

TALON said...

This is beautiful, D. I love watching everything melt and prepare for the warming...and the greening. Can't wait for the greening!

You should be able to access my photography at :)

Lorraine Renaud said...

This beauty I can almost feel within me is so lovely DD

Magyar said...

Oooo, thanks Kim and LL_,


this sun pulls
the earth trough greening stem
a crocus blooms

Magyar said...

Ah-Ha... above is a reminder that I will revisit and re-post this day. _m

Tikkis said...

Interesting! :-)

We have a long spring, not so cold, not warm either. Here in SW corner no snow, other Finland have...

Bought new summer tyre for my car, it is ready to head to my mother-in-law 90 years jub....

Otherwise I think I dont need a car?

Wrote some threeliners, here is one translation fort you:

sky is a shadow
the river does not care
though its raining